The US Navy and the Panama Canal
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USS Diablo (SS-479)

From 15 January to 27 April 1949 USS Diablo was based in the Canal Zone participating in fleet exercises and rendering services to surface units in the Caribbean. 



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Battleship in Gaillard Cut

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USS Boston

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USS Michigan Patch

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USS Constellation

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USS Minnesota

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USS North Carolina

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USS North Dakota

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US Postal Cover for USS Jason

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USS Raleigh

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USS Ranger - CV-4

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USS Washington

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USS Washington again

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USS Grasp...

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Miraflores Locks...

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USS Narwhal

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USS Narwhal*

Slide Show:
USS Narwhal at Miraflores Locks

*The USS Narwhal transited the Canal on May 2, 2001 on its way to Washington State where the submarine "graveyard" is located.

Photo credits:  Panama Canal Company, Panama Canal Authority, US Navy, I.L. Maduro

August 6, 2004