The US Navy and the Panama Canal
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Contributed by Louis Barbier

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usskansas.jpg (34079 bytes)
USS Kansas BB-21

USSArizona.jpg (104928 bytes)
USS Arizona - BB-39

ussarkandtex.jpg (106098 bytes)
USS Texas  BB-35 &

USS Arkansas BB-33

usshenderson.jpg (66452 bytes)
Naval Transport
USS Henderson AP-1

usswyoming.jpg (78231 bytes)
USS Wyoming  BB-32

USSMaryland.jpg (47058 bytes)
USS Maryland BB-46

ussmichigan.jpg (43812 bytes)
USS Michigan  BB-37

ussmissi.jpg (45198 bytes)
USS Mississippi  BB-41

ussnmex.jpg (82374 bytes)
USS New Mexico  BB-40

ussNY.jpg (49059 bytes)
USS New York BB-34

usspatoka2.jpg (27633 bytes)
USS Patoka  A0-9

usspensacola.jpg (57357 bytes)
USS Pensacola  CA-34

ussrhodeisland.jpg (45164 bytes)
USS Rhode Island  BB-17

usstennessee.jpg (93545 bytes)
USS Tennessee  BB-43

usstexa.jpg (81634 bytes)
USS Texas BB-35

usstexas2.jpg (59837 bytes)
USS Texas  BB-35  - again

usstexs.jpg (41373 bytes)
... and again - USS Texas  BB-35

ussvermont2.jpg (57919 bytes)
USS Vermont  BB-20

usswashington.jpg (34570 bytes)
USS Washington  BB-56

usswestvir.jpg (38865 bytes)
USS West Virginia  BB-48

torpedo.jpg (60700 bytes)
US Navy 4 Stackers-Flushdeck Destroyers

pacfleet.jpg (51321 bytes)
Some of the Pacific Fleet ...

navyships19.jpg (147138 bytes)
... and more Pacific Fleet

navsub.jpg (66577 bytes)
US Navy Submarines - Pre WWII

Navdest.jpg (63570 bytes)
USS Elliott DD-967

ussnjxy.jpg (61260 bytes)
USS New Jersey  BB-62
Gatun Locks - 1968

usstarawa.jpg (30637 bytes)
USS Tarawa  LHA-1

Photo Credits:
Panama Canal Comany
US Navy
I.L. Maduro
Skip Rowley
Louis Barbier

Submarine.JPG (78810 bytes)
US Navy
 Nuclear Submarine

Navnucsub.jpg (56687 bytes)
...also a Nuclear Sub

usshouston.jpg (44427 bytes)
USS Houston  CA-30

Navdestroyers.jpg (70710 bytes)
US Navy Destroyers
One is USS Williamson DD-244
Pedro Miguel Locks - 1925

The USS Texas (BB-35) is now a memorial at San Jacinto, TX; USS Henderson was converted to USS Bountiful (AH-9) in 1944; USS Maryland (BB-46) was at Pearl Harbor; USS Mississippi (BB-41) became the first ship to have a missle launched from it; USS New York (BB-34) and USS Pensacola (CA-24) were sunk at Bikini Atoll; USS Tennessee was at Pearl Harbor.   The USS New Jersey (BB-62) after some work at the Philadelphia Navy Yard will become a memorial at Camden, New Jersey; USS Houston (CA-30) was lost Jan. 3, 1942 in the Java area along with the USS Langley (CV-1)


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