The US Navy and the Panama Canal
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ussiowa2.jpg (126696 bytes)
USS Iowa BB-61 and  ...

ussiowa1.jpg (59975 bytes)
...  USS Iowa BB-61 again

usswisconsin.jpg (58781 bytes)
USS Wisconsin BB-9

ussnorthdakota1921.jpg (61550 bytes)
USS North Dakota BB-29

ussoklah.jpg (32307 bytes)
USS Oklahoma BB-37

ussolympiaflori.jpg (49846 bytes)
USS Olympia IX-4  &
USS Florida  BB-30

ussrhodeisland1919.jpg (73409 bytes)
USS Rhode Island BB-17

usswestva.jpg (62587 bytes)
USS West Virginia BB-48

usspennspedmig24.jpg (96866 bytes)
USS Pennsylvania BB-38 ...

usspennsy.jpg (92215 bytes)
... and again ...

ussPennsylva.jpg (67214 bytes)
... and again!

usssublocksohaul20.jpg (91164 bytes)
Diesel Subs using lock chamber

as a drydock

usssaratogax.jpg (48404 bytes)
USS Saratoga CV-3 ... and

usssartogaz.jpg (59489 bytes)
... USS Saratoga again

ussships.jpg (47759 bytes)
2 Flush Decker Destroyers

Photo Credits
Panama Canal Company
US Navy
I.L. Maduro
Skip Rowley

Louie Barbier

Many thanks to Earl Snyder for pics of his ship --  the  USS Iowa

USS Olympia IX-40, EX-CL-15, EX-CA-15, EX C-6 is now at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard; USS Florida (BB-3) is sister class ship to USS Utah AG-16, EX-BB-32 which was sunk at Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941.


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