US Navy and the Panama Canal
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ussnewyorka.jpg (97272 bytes)
USS New York - BB-34

ussblackhawk1920.jpg (106201 bytes)
USS Blackhawk

usscalif.jpg (20740 bytes)
USS California BB-44

ussbb1920.jpg (59965 bytes)
Battleship transiting
Culebra Cut

ussaz.jpg (66697 bytes)
USS Arizona BB-39  ...

ussazona.jpg (54850 bytes)
...  and again.

ussmaryland23.jpg (83582 bytes)
USS Maryland BB-46
Gatun Locks 1923

ussbatships.jpg (56735 bytes)
US Battleships

usscclasssub.jpg (51283 bytes)
"C" Class Subs
Gatun Locks

ussdestroyer146.jpg (28218 bytes)
Destroyer #146
Culebra Cut

ussdestroyersmira.jpg (97797 bytes)
Two Destroyers
Pedro Miguel Locks

ussdixie.jpg (62263 bytes)
USS Dixie

ussnmex2.jpg (61294 bytes)
USS New Mexico BB-40
Chagres River Crossing - 1919

ussmissou.jpg (69559 bytes)
USS Missouri BB-11

Culebra Cut

ussnj7mar1953.jpg (92050 bytes)
USS New Jersey BB-62
Pedro Miguel Locks 1953

Photo Credits
Panama Canal Company
US Navy

I.L. Maduro
Skip Rowley
Louis Barbier

The USS Dixie was one of several US Navy ships off the coast when Panama rebelled against Columbia in 1903.
Submarine Tragedy Sets Stage for Heroes

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