The US Navy and the Panama Canal

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Last transit of the Panama Canal - March 28, 2001
This proud member of the US Navy enroute from Rhode Island to its new home in the San Franciso Bay Area.
Photo: El Seņor Jim

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Official website USS IOWA

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USS New Jersey BB-62
Last transit of the Panama Canal - October 18, 1999
This proud battleship of the US Navy enroute to a new home in the State of New Jersey.
Photo from Miraflores Locks Web Cam

More pictures and article on the USS New Jersey

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USS Arizona


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USS Saratoga


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Part of the Pacific Fleet*

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USS Oklahoma


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USS Arkansas


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USS California


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USS Lexington

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USS Pennsylvania


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USS Wyoming


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USS New Jersey


USSNewMex.jpg (57139 bytes)
USS New Mexico

USSDreadnaught.jpg (17357 bytes)
US Navy Heavy Cruiser

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USS Alabama

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USS Missouri

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USS Ohio

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Rodman Naval Station
Pier 1

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USS New Jersey

USSMaryland.jpg (47058 bytes)
USS Maryland

ussmichigan.jpg (43812 bytes)
USS Michigan

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:USS New York

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USS Missouri

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On the Atlantic Side

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Navy Headquarters

Photo Credits:
Panama Canal Company
US Navy
I. L. Maduro
Skip Rowley
Louis Barbier

*USS Boggs DD-136, USS Hamilton DD-141 (behind Boggs).  Other Lock Chamber:  USS Tarbell DD-142

Notes:   We all know what happened to the USS Arizona.  The Tarbell and Hamilton were in the Atlantic during WWII.  The Boggs was outside Pearl Harbor on 7 Dec 41 in escort with the heavy cruiser USS Minneapolis CA-36, patrolling the Hawaiian Island chain.  The USS Oklahoma capsized at Pearl Harbor during the attack.  The USS Arkansas was in the Atlantic at the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The USS California was at Pearl Harbor, as was the USS Maryland.  The USS Pennsylvania was in drydock at Pearl Harbor during the attack.  The USS Wyoming was in the Atlantic and participated in the landings at French Morroco, Sicily, Italy and also Normandy.  The USS New Jersey was launched on 7 Dec. '42.  The USS Michigan's last day of commission was 11 Feb 1922.  The USS New York served in both oceans during WWII and its last day of commission was 1 July 1946.   [Thanks to Larry Wendell of the Pearl Harbor Study Group for this information]

The USS Lexington  CV-2 was sunk during the battle of the Coral Sea during WWII.  It's namesake USS Lexington CV-16, after a distinguished career, was stationed in Pensacola, FL for many years and was "the" carrier that the Navy used for training pilots to land on aircraft carriers.  Nearly every pilot in the US Navy has trained on that ship. A few years ago (about seven), the USS Lexington CV-16  was decommissioned. Headed for the scrap heap, a few cities decided to bid for her and turn her into a floating museum. In the end, Corpus Christi, TX, won.  The Lex, also known as Lady Lex, is still in Corpus Christi and is thriving.

The USS Texas was decommisioned and is also available for tours in San Jacinto, TX (near Houston).

[Thanks to Scott Pearson for this info]
A US Navy submarine transits Gatun Locks, February 2008.  Photosy 2008

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