The US Navy and the Panama Canal
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ussaftm1drydock1949.jpg (85760 bytes)
US Navy Floating  Drydock

ussaircraftcarrier.jpg (39791 bytes)
USS Valley Forge CV-45

ussalaillinois.jpg (99062 bytes)
USS Alabama BB-8  and
USS Illinois BB-7

ussariz.jpg (104928 bytes)
USS Arizona BB-39

ussarizona1921.jpg (62837 bytes)
USS Arizona BB-39

ussark1919.jpg (117857 bytes)
USS Arkansas BB-33

usscharleston.jpg (57784 bytes)
USS Charleston CA-19, EX-C-22

usskearsarge.jpg (22235 bytes)
USS Kearsarge CV-33

usslangley1st24.jpg (27812 bytes)
USS Langley CV-1

ussnebraska.jpg (57099 bytes)
USS Nebraska BB-14

ussvalleyforge.jpg (53820 bytes)
USS Valley Forge CV-45

usssouthcarolina.jpg (54727 bytes)
USS South Carolina BB-26

ussstlouis1919.jpg (93463 bytes)
USS St. Louis CA-18

usstn.jpg (50011 bytes)
USS Tennessee and...

usstn2.jpg (124633 bytes)
...  USS Tennessee again

usswhitney.jpg (19035 bytes)
US Naval ships, ca. 1916

Photo Credits:  Panama Canal Company, US Navy, I.L. Maduro, Skip Rowley, Louie Barbier

The USS Langley (CV-1) was lost along with the USS Houston in the Java Area , January  3, 1942.


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