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USS Wisconsin (BB-64)

The USS Wisconsin entering Pedro Miguel Locks, The Panama Canal

The USS Wisconsin was commissioned on April 16, 1944 and after a shakedown cruise to Trinidad BWI, it transited the Panama Canal on September 24, 1944. 

After the Pacific campaign it again went thru the canal Jan 11-13, 1946. 

In 1947 it stopped in the Canal Zone and let its sailors have a two day liberty. 

October 29, 1951 it again transited the canal on its way to the Korean War. 

Sometime between April and the beginning of June 19, 1952 the USS Wisconsin again transited the canal on its way back to Norfolk. 

September 1953 the USS Wisconsin visited the canal again on its way to relieve the USS New Jersey as flagship of the 7th fleet. 

Sometime between April 15 and May 4th, 1954 the Wisconsin transited the canal. 

 The USS Wisconsin collided with the USS Eaton on May 6, 1956 and suffered severe damage. 

Back to sea again on July 9, 1956.  June 19, 1957 had a midshipmen training cruise to Panama Canal then to South American Waters. 

The USS Wisconsin at Gatun Locks, Panama Canal - 1957

1958 - put into mothballs at Philadelphia Navy Yard where the USS Iowa was also mothballed.
October 22, 1988 - recommissioned for the third time.
1990 - Served in the Persian Gulf.

Sept. 30, 1991 - decommissioned and towed to Philadelphia one more time.

1996 - When the Philadelphia Navy Yard closed the USS Wisconsin was towed to Norfolk Navy Shipyard.

Dec. 7, 2000 - The USS Wisconsin arrived at her new home at the National Maritime Center-Nauticus  in Norfolk, VA

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Photos Courtesy of the USS Wisconsin Association

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